Welcome to uBuild [beta]

uBuild is an open-source Jekyll based theme and comes with 16 fully responsive design block. It also doubles as a builder tool when used inside the Forestry content manager. Learn More

Take a look at our live demo to get a feel for what it looks like!

Created by Nichlas W. Andersen (Twitter)


  • 16 fully responsive design blocks
  • Page Builder Capabilities (with Forestry)
  • Form submissions with Formspree.io contact form integration
  • This theme is in active development, so we’re adding features at an on-going basis (feel free to file an issue if you’re missing something https://github.com/forestryio/ubuild-jekyll/issues)

Getting Started

Click on our “Import uBuild Button” to get started right away.

Find the code on GitHub and more information on our blog