Project-Pages is a Jekyll based scientific blogging tool, made easily accessible to the non-coder researcher through simple heavily opinionated templates, while preserving the freedom of the code savvy user to customize all functionality as they please. Project-Pages uses a specialized re-skin of to provide a CMS-like overlay.

Organization Level Functionality:

  • Adaptive Tags

  • Text and Tag Based Search

  • Ability to Manage Multiple Projects

  • Members Page

  • Mention Tracking via Altmetric

  • OG Meta Tags

  • Google Analytics

  • Comments with Disqus

  • Responsive Design

Post Level Functionality:

  • Code Highlighting

  • Image Zoom on Click

  • MathJax for Equations

  • Presentation Layout using Reveal.JS with Easy to Use Jekyll Helpers

  • MATLAB Layout with Direct to Post Export Function in MATLAB

  • Jupyter Notebook Layout Directly from Notebook Files

  • Mermaid.JS for Automated Workflow Visualization

  • Projector Layout using DataProjector.JS to Visualize 3D Point Cloud Data from JSON Files

  • ThreeJS Layout to Visualize 3D Surface Data