Based on Jekyll theme: Lanyon by Mark Otto

Build Status


  • Inherits most of minimalistic and content-first design of parent lanyon theme
  • Jekyll 3.0 ready with kramdown support
  • plugin less theme for hosting on GitHub Pages
  • tag cloud, featured posts, and footer social icons
  • related posts based on common tag
  • Social share buttons and permalink in post-meta bar
  • Post features:
    • TOC, text highlight, stylized blockquotes and horizontal lines, fancy code blocks, gist embed, MathJax, Disqus comments, twitter cards (default, video, and summary with large image), Open Graph headers, social share buttons, date modified and permalink features.
    • _prose.yml for based blog management.
  • Responsive video and pdf embedding
  • Publications listing for resume/cv based on bibliography format
  • print.css for clean print format with optional QR code and permalink display in print format.
  • Conditional search box based on Google Custom Search and twitter widget
  • More features