Welcome to Jasper2

Full-featured Jekyll port of Ghost’s default theme Casper v2

Created by Fábio Madeira (Twitter)


  • Out of the box support for multiple authors (via _data/authors.yml)
  • Full author information including: picture, bio, website, twitter, facebook, etc.
  • Tag description(s) and personalised covers (via _data/tags.yml)
  • Related posts view at the bottom of each post
  • All Ghost default pages: Author page(s), Tag page(s), About page(s), 404, etc.
  • Pagination (infinite scrolling or standard pagination, i.e. posts across multiple pages)
  • Atom Feeds by Jekyll-feed
  • Toggleable subscribe button (requires an external service)
  • Code Syntax Highlight with highlight.js
  • Support for Google Analytics tracking
  • Support for Disqus comments (not Ghost standard)

Getting Started

More information on GitHub