Jekyll theme: Adam Blog 2.0

V1.0 by Artem Sheludko, modified by Armando Maynez

Additional features in v2.0:

  • automatic sitemap.xml
  • automatic archive page with infinite scrolling capability
  • new page of posts filtered by a single tag (without needing autopages from paginator V2), also with infinite scrolling
  • custom and responsive 404 page
  • included linkedin and reddit icons for contact and sharing
  • automatic Table of Contents (optional). It behaves as a sticky sidebar (when the screen is wide enough) or inline after the post’s title and metadata
  • post tags and social share icons are now a sticky sidebar when the screen resolution permits
  • MathJax support (optional per post)
  • view on github link button (optional per post)
  • read time per post automatically calculated
  • SEO meta tags
  • tag cloud in the home page
  • ‘back to top’ button
  • comments ‘courtain’ to mask the disqus interface until the user clicks on it (configurable in _config.yml)
  • CSS variables to make it easy to customize colors and fonts
  • added several pygments themes for code syntax highlight configurable from the _config.yml file.
  • responsive footer menu and footer logo (if setup in the config file)

Features from v1.0


Check the theme in action Demo

The main page looks like this:

The post page looks like:

Custom responsive 404:


  1. Fork this repository into your own account (if you use as destination a repository named then your url will be, else
  2. Modify _config.yml with your data
  3. Use the files inside of the /_posts/ directory as templates to modify and create your own blog posts.
  4. Delete images inside of /assets/img/posts/ and upload your own images for your posts.
  5. Make sure Github Pages are turned on in the repository settings, and pointing to the main or master branch (where you cloned this repo)